Our people

Operations team

Pictured back row from left: Darrell Smith, Elliott Caldwell, Mike Zablocki and Tim Dallas. Front Row from left: Lucy Pearce, Ilse Potes Morales, Gabrielle Dennis, Apii Ulberg and Marie Armstrong.

The goal of the Malaghan Institute's Operations Team is to provide an environment in which scientific breakthroughs will happen.  Our infrastructure, technologies and people must remove any obstacles and give our researchers all the tools they need in their vital work.


Mike Zablocki is our Chief Operating Officer, responsible for commercial activity and managing the functions that support our research teams.  Mike is also involved in the Institute's strategic management and relishes the challenge of constantly improving a top quality organisation.

Darrell Smith is our Facilities Manager.  One day he might be oiling a squeaky office chair, the next day designing and overseeing the construction of a $5 million laboratory.

Tim Dallas is our Assistant Facilities Manager. Tim is another vital member of the MIMR 'Ops' team.

Marie Armstrong is our Sytems Administrator. She is responsible for IT and communications infrastructure, as well as end-user support for our computer systems.


Gabrielle Dennis has been with the Institute for nearly a quarter of a century, so she has seen it all! Gabrielle is the heart and soul of our Research Office, responsible for managing our research grants and liasing with funding bodies.   She is also our Human Resources Officer, dealing with all staff requirements from work contracts through to travel arrangements.


Ilse Potes Morales is the first person to greet most of our visitors.  She is also the PA to our Director, Professor Graham Le Gros, so is the first point of call for anyone wishing to speak with him.


Apii Ulberg has been managing all the behind the scenes work that goes into ensuring the Institute always looks its best since 2004.  Described as the 'oil and glue' of the Institute, her dedication, helpfulness and sunny disposition are a constant example for us all.